Our Areas of Expertise:

Network Design – WiFi Design – CCTV Design –  Infrastructure Design – Biometric Controls Design

As a business owner you have several options for handling your IT services. You may choose to handle the responsibility in-house because no one understands your business quite the way you do; You might hire a full-time IT manager or assign tasks as they arise to someone within your organization. However, if your business had a problem with a legal issue, would you fix the problem yourself? Would you hire a full-time lawyer to be on staff or give a legal problem to your personnel department to handle? Probably not, you would call in an expert as a consultant.

Hiring a Custom Network Design Consultant is Fiscally Responsible

Although some IT issues are simple enough to be handled in-house, nothing is as costly as an IT misfire. A significant misfire may leave your business having to replace hardware or software, or abandoning expensive contracts, licensing, or training. Not only might a poorly designed system or technology upgrade frustrate your staff because they cannot get their jobs done, it might send your customers to a competitor because they cannot get their products or services in a timely manner; and your budget may be in no to shape to recover in order to move forward with a new solution.

At SYO, we task ourselves to manage your projects within your budget and to align your IT projects to your business goals. We will work closely with your staff to provide an integrated approach to your network design, security, disaster recovery and IT infrastructure to provide a solid reliable computer system and network with known costs that can be budgeted.

We can provide an integrated approach to the network, security, and servers within your IT infrastructure and help project total costs and life expectancies of solutions including staff time, updates and upgrades, repairs, licensing maintenance, and eventual replacement when the technology becomes obsolete. This allows us to suggest and implement combined solutions without any unnecessary duplication of systems and costs.

When you succeed, We succeed: We Will Give You an Honest and Objective Opinion

When you hire SYO as a custom network design consultant, you get an objective review of your network, servers and security, as well as a fresh point of view that may help reveal additional opportunities to increase capabilities or decrease cost. It is easy for business owners or network managers immersed in day-to-day operations to focus in on immediate IT problems and lose sight of the bigger issues of business growth and changing technology. Hiring an IT consultant will give you expert advice about your technology infrastructure as it is today and where it should be to accommodate your plans for business growth in the future.

The custom network design specialists at SYO can report to a project manager as part of your organization’s team, or we can manage the entire project independently with input and resources from your staff, while providing information on the assignments, milestones, budgeting, and timelines in regular, up-to-date reports as the project progresses.

We are Flexible and Bring in Specialized Skills

Custom network design consultants like SYO are immediately ready and available to take on new assignments. Getting a new project off the ground is just a phone call away, whereas hiring a new employee specifically to handle your IT needs takes valuable time to place ads, sort through applicants, and conduct interviews hoping to find the right person for the job.

Working with SYO will relieve you of the need to hire or train people to support obscure technologies that, while may be necessary to your business, are expensive to maintain or research possible changes to using only in-house expertise.

We can provide coverage for staff vacations acting as a backup for specialized staff members to ensure that your systems get the care they need even when your people are not available or when the systems maintenance workload simply exceeds the work week.

The systems specialists at SYO have the flexibility to move into whatever position you need us to be in, from basic maintenance, to step-by-step business growth projects, to helping you evaluate and plan for the next, new, major step forward into new technologies.

We can Help Keep Your Business Running Efficiently

As custom network design consultants, we will listen to your needs, plans, and frustrations then translate them into IT solutions that meet your specific technology requirements. Because of our training, certifications, distribution channel access, and vendor affiliations, we often have access to support options or resources that your company or staff may not.

We can provide disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Developing and implementing a disaster recovery plan can keep your business functioning in spite of equipment breakdowns, business interruptions or natural disasters.

We can help make sure that your network is configured to monitor performance and alert you to problems that cost your employees time and create frustration. We can sort out all of the technical mumbo jumbo and explain it in business terms. We can document your network in a way that any properly trained person could keep the system running smoothly.

Supporting a change to new technologies and getting it right the first time is much easier with consulting expertise. Either we have undertaken a similar project before, or are willing to spend our money to invest in the training and testing necessary to help you, because we will undertake similar projects in the future. We can help you meet tight timelines by providing additional resources that can speed up project completion.

Your Goals are Our First Priority

Our approach with every client is to gain an understanding of your organization and your objectives and then look for cost-effective opportunities to improve on the way your organization can use technology to meet your goals. We can serve as objective advisors or as adjunct members of your technology staff, bringing in a wide-ranging set of skills and technical expertise to complement in-house resources, whenever you need us.

For more specific information about how SYO can help you design, build or maintain your network infrastructure, give us a call at 586-580-2213.