Ray Township, MI

December 21st, 2015

As Clerk of Ray Township and a customer of SYO for the last eight months I can say that we have never had such efficient support! SYO made a recommendation to our Township to upgrade our network which included a new server, workstations, wiring and software. They also had experience with BS&A software which we required.
Jason and his staff have been most accommodating to the Ray Township Employees and myself. They have exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend SYO to other communities and businesses.

Paula Artman
Clerk, Ray Township

City of Utica, MI

May 13th, 2015

…We asked SYO for some help with identifying some changes in our Point-to-Point T1 billing from AT&T and the more we talked, the more we realized we needed a full telecommunications audit. SYO traced and examined every circuit, phone line, alarm line, SCADA line, and Internet connection the City had. They actually visited every location and D-Mark and laid their eyes on every single circuit listed on each of our bills.

This extremely thorough examination led to a complete revamp of our telecommunications plan and ultimately saved the City more than $60,000.00 a year in telecommunication charges. We thank Jason Gottschalk and SYO for this in depth audit and research that led to this savings.

Beth Ricketts
City Clerk
City of Utica, MI

St. Peter Lutheran School

August 17th, 2013

…Jason, thanks again for your time yesterday. How does it feel to be a superhero? I am clicking along cataloging books in Destiny and enjoying learning something new. I’m just not sure if you appreciate how helpful you are to someone like me. You come in here and “fix it”; it seems so easy to you, but it’s remarkable to me!!!! Thank you for what you do.

Lori Looker
St. Peter Lutheran School

City of Marine City Police Department, Marine City, Michigan

March 5th, 2012

…SYO interfaced [our department] with the County It Department, Michigan State Police LEIN, County RESA, Central Dispatch, Core Technology, and others to ensure proper integration and usability of our system. Of paramount importance to my department is confidentiality. SYO has been completely confidential in their management of our data. SYO has researched and complied with all known confidentiality statutes including LEIN, HIPAA, and others. I would highly recommend SYO Computer Services, Inc. for any police department or entity wishing complete confidentiality and superb service and support.

Don G. Tillery
Chief of Police
City of Marine City, Michigan

Christ Church Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

January 4th, 2012

Christ Church Cranbrook is a current and very satisfied customer of SYO Computer Services. We have worked directly with Jason Gottschalk, and his associates, exclusively since 1998. SYO provides professional and timely service for all of our computer needs. We strongly recommend, without reservation, SYO Computer Services.

Kathy Doyle
Parish Administrator
Christ Church Cranbrook

City of Marine City, Michigan

November 11th, 2011

First, I would like to personally thank you for providing the highest level of professionalism and service capability, which is not easily found in today’s business world. As City Manager of Marine City, I value this in our business relationship. All of the staff at Marine City has benefited from the level of service SYO provides through minimal system downtime and unique productivity solutions. It is my pleasure to recommend SYO as an IT service provider. SYO personnel are highly trained, certified technicians. They have contributed greatly to the success of Marine City in meeting our productivity and cost reduction goals by providing practical and cost effective solutions to our IT needs. They have built a “Down to Earth” relationship with my department heads and me by responding to our needs rather than telling us what they are willing to do. My staff and I would recommend SYO Computer Services to any organization looking for rock-solid IT support.

John Gabor
City Manager
City of Marine City, Michigan

Charles L. Pugh Co., Inc., Hazel Park, Michigan

October 9th, 2011

SYO has proven to be a trustworthy company, and that is rare in this day and age.

Charles L. Pugh Co., Inc.

Kirk in the Hills – A Presbyterian Church, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

May 18th, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:
This letter is written as a reference for SYO Computer Services, and Jason Gottschalk, who have served as the IT support for Kirk in the Hills since September 2008.

Kirk in the Hills is a large Presbyterian church in Bloomfield Hills. Up until August of 2008, we employed a full time IT coordinator, but as the economy weakend and the church’s sources of revenue shrank, we decided give up the luxury of a full time IT staff member and go to an outside source for IT support. I interviewed four candidates: SYO was clearly the way to go right from the start.

Jason’s personal interest in his clients is a big plus for us. He has been able to advise us on all of our IT and much of our Audio/Video needs. Quick response time is crucial when computers crash and SYO is the next best thing to having someone in-house, and a lot less expensive!

Jason and SYO have helped us to get to the “21st Century” as some of our younger members like to put it. We’ve installed wireless capability and senior staff members are connected to the network via smartphones and IPads. The church is a large stone and steel building which presents great challenges for modern technology, but SYO has helped us to work through these challenges.

I was pleased to sign a three year renewal agreement with SYO in September of 2009. That’s probably the best endorsement.

Very truly yours,
Jayne M. Zellers
Business Manager

Charter Township of Harrison, Michigan

May 11th, 2011

As Finance Director for the Charter Township of Harrison, I have had the opportunity to work with SYO on many different projects, from the ordinary day to day support, to comprehensive network upgrades. We have used SYO for services such as video system design for our local cable channel, network rebuilds, server replacement and upgrades, and workstation maintenance throughout the township. In addition, their expansive knowledge and expertise allowed us to engineer, install, and launch large scale network and server changes throughout all of our buildings concurrently, without loss of service and minimal off hour work requirements.

Glenn Spencer
Finance Director
Charter Township of Harrison

City of Utica, Michigan

May 5th, 2011

…We’d had hardware technicians who claimed to be able to install the hardware but when they came out to the offices they readily admitted that our setup was beyond their abilities.” “We would call SYO in a complete panic because the software and hardware were not functioning as smoothly as we had anticipated.” “Since those early years and many panic calls to Jason, we realized that we truly needed to be in a contract with SYO so the equipment/software would be monitored and updated on a regular basis. There was never any problem that we experienced that SYO could not handle. When a software company tried to ‘milk’ the situation, Jason saw through their games and resolved the issue and we were able to exit our software contract [with the third party software company] with minimal grief.

Jacqueline K. Noonan
City of Utica

Southland Mall – General Growth Properties, Inc, Taylor, Michigan

April 9th, 2010

During the last 10 years, SYO has worked for Southland on several different computer related projects, most notably an 1800 foot Fiber Optic network run. SYO displays a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ownership. They stand by their work. They have provided value engineering and looked for ways to improve Southland’s network efficiency. SYO’s recommendations are based on the best cost effective solutions for Southland Center.

Keith Molini
Southland Center
General Growth Properties, Inc


Utica Police Department Chooses SYO for a complete IT makeover. - 06-18-2016

The City of Utica, MI Police Department, has contracted with SYO Computer Engineering Services, Inc, to provide new servers and workstations. This new technology will allow the department to work more efficiently with new collaboration tools to improve productivity. Reasons cited during Public Hearing for choosing SYO: • Highly reputable IT provider • Saved the City over $60,000.00 in annual Telco savings via an in-depth Telco Audit • SYO was highly recommended by BSA • SYO is a highly respected supplier of hardware • SYO has experience with CLEMIS (25 years) • Highly knowledgeable in BSA software for Municipalities • Costs are less than similar companies • High level of confidence in SYO • The owner personally backs up all work performed by SYO • Provides additional work at a very reasonable price • Very pleased with SYO. [video width="352" height="480" m4v="http://syo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/uticapd.m4v"][/video]

City of Utica - Contracts SYO for Terminal Services Remote Access - 05-13-2015

City of Utica, Michigan - Uses SYO for Telecommunications Audit. - 04-22-2015

City Council Meeting Minutes for March 10, 2015 Administration Report to City Council- Beth Ricketts, City Clerk Telephone Update Beth Ricketts, City Clerk, reported that after reviewing the phone service & lines for all departments that the City will be saving at least $10,000 per year for service and upwards of $60,000 on line eliminations. A thank you was given to Jason Gottschalk, SYO Computers Engineering Services, Inc. for all the research and work, leading to the cost savings for the City.  

City of Utica WiFi - 11-22-2012

The City Of Utica gets WiFi for City Hall and the Police Department. Visitors to City Hall will now be able to enjoy free internet access. SYO WiFi, a division of SYO Computer Engineering Services, Inc, installed the WiFi system and it covers the public areas inside the building.

Kirk in the Hills technology upgrades - 11-22-2012

Kirk in the Hills, a Presbyterian Church, has contracted with SYO Computer Engineering Services, Inc, to provide new servers and workstations. This new technology will allow the staff to work more efficiently with new collaboration tools to improve productivity.

St. Clair Shores WiFi - 11-22-2012

The City Of St. Clair Shores gets WiFi for the City Pool, Park and Marina. Visitors to the city pool, the adjacent city park, and the Lac Ste Claire Marina will now be able to enjoy free internet access. SYO WiFi, a division of SYO Computer Engineering Services, Inc, installed the WiFi system and it covers 17 acres of public property.

Marine City DPW chooses SYO for technology change. - 09-23-2012

The City of Marine City Department of Public Works chose SYO to upgrade the technology used to monitor the water tower systems. SYO will install the new equipment in May and this change will save the City more than $5,100 per year.

Rutherford D.D.S. chooses SYO. - 09-23-2012

Dr. Karen Rutherford, D.D.S. chose SYO for IT support services. Support will include Servers, workstations and printers.

City of Marine City Selects SYO for Mesh Recording - 09-23-2012

The City of Marine City selected SYO to design, install and maintain a network video recording system for their mesh camera network. The City's mesh network monitors traffic flow for the border crossing and assists the US Border Patrol with video evidence. SYO is honored to have been chosen for this project and its on-going maintenance.

Harrison Township Selects SYO to Upgrade BSA Servers - 09-23-2012

Charter Township of Harrison selected SYO to install a new server to more efficiently handle the BSA Software applications. SYO installed the hardware and software, and transferred all of the working data to the new server during the lunch hour shutdown. This minimized the impact of the upgrade on the productivity of the various departments. Another successful installation by SYO.

Mike Savoie Chevrolet Selects SYO - 09-23-2012

Mike Savoie Chevrolet and Acura of Troy select SYO to install a new state of the art IT Data Center and a new Voice Over IP telephone system.

St. Peter Lutheran Church and School Selects SYO - 09-23-2012

St. Peter Lutheran Church and School selects SYO to re-design and install a new LAN infrastucture, 72 New PCs (along with 13 upgrades), a new Tape Backup system, a campus wide WiFi system and new domain controls using Active Directory, Group Policies, Drive Vaccine PC Restore by Horizon DataSys and Computer LAB controls using Insight by Faronics.

Drs. R & V Kulbersh and Dr. Miller Orthodontics select SYO - 09-23-2012

SYO was selected to install a new Windows Server 2008 SBS domain and a new Terminal Services server for their Dolphin Practice Management software.

Christ Church Cranbrook selects SYO for IT Support and equipment leasing. - 09-23-2012

Christ Church Cranbrook - contracted with SYO for Network Administrations Services and equipment leasing. SYO will be providing new PCs throughout the organization. Also, the staff will enjoy guaranteed service level agreements for end user and server support.